Antenna House Regression Testing System (AHRTS) 릴리스

Released: Feb 19, 2020

v1.5 버젼 업데이트


  • New Feature:
    • Text Comparison Option
      • Properties: textCompare, textCompareReportDifferenceImageOverlay, textComparePageByPage, textCompareDebug, reportTextCompareOverlayPdfLayers.
      • This will check for text differences on a page by page or full document basis. Two diffs are created. One is from 'base' to 'new' and the other is from 'new' to 'base'. Deleted text in either the 'base' or 'new' document is then marked. It is recommended to use the 'Overlay difference image over compared files' report...

Released: Apr 11, 2017

1.4 버젼 업데이트


  • command line ‘version' option also prints license information
  • command line options print license information if there is a license error (expired, framework not supported)
  • alternate overview and individual report stylesheets (ahrts-report-alt.xsl and ahrts-individual-report-alt.xsl). Overview report has multi-column output and groups the results (fatal errors, missing input files, non-fatal errors, and no errors). Selectable as “Alternate” for “Overview Report Style” and “Individual Report...