Aspose.Slides for .NET

Aspose.Slides for .NET is a presentation processing API that enables applications to read, write, modify and convert Microsoft PowerPoint presentations. Being a standalone API, It provides the functionality to manage PowerPoint key features such as managing text, shapes, tables and animations, adding audio and video to slides, previewing slides and more without requiring PowerPoint. Aspose.Slides for .NET supports most  PowerPoint formats for processing and manipulation. Moreover, API offers a number of advanced features such as printing and rendering presentation slides to fixed-layout formats, HTML and images.

Supported File Formats


  • Microsoft PowerPoint: PPT, PPTX, PPS, POT, PPSX, PPTM, PPSM, POTX, POTM
  • OpenOffice: ODP

Output Only

  • Fixed Layout: PDF, PDF/A, XPS
  • Images: JPEG, PNG, BMP, TIFF, GIF
  • SVG
  • Web: HTML

Advanced PowerPoint Processing API Features

  • Create new slides or clone existing slides from templates.
  • Work with PowerPoint tables.
  • Apply or remove the protection on shapes.
  • Embed Excel charts as OLE objects in slides.
  • Support for Linked Ole Objects.
  • Generate presentations from...

최신 뉴스

Aspose.Slides for .NET V20.1
Aspose.Slides for .NET V20.1
프레젠테이션을 저장할 때 기본 글꼴을 변경하는 기능을 추가합니다.
Aspose.Slides for .NET V19.12
Aspose.Slides for .NET V19.12
문서에 디지털 서명할 수 있는 기능이 추가됩니다.
Aspose.Slides for .NET V19.11
Aspose.Slides for .NET V19.11
프레젠테이션에 포함된 OLE 개체의 처리를 개선합니다.
Aspose.Slides for .NET V19.10
Aspose.Slides for .NET V19.10
글꼴 대체 지원을 추가합니다.
Aspose.Slides for .NET V19.8
Aspose.Slides for .NET V19.8
ODP 및 OTP 프레젠테이션 암호를 해독하는 기능을 추가합니다.
Aspose.Slides for .NET V19.7
Aspose.Slides for .NET V19.7
PPTX를 PDF Notes로 변환 할 때 품질이 향상됩니다.

가격: ₩ 963,300

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