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Ottimo prodotto!

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Ottimo prodotto!

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As recruitment agency that specializes in the tech industry we’ve decided to develop our own ATS that get thousands of resumes per hour. After evaluating lots of docs processors, we have decided to go with Aspose.Words and Aspose.PDF for .NET.  We were looking for service that will generate and convert all our files without utilizing Microsoft Word and Acrobat Reader. Service that supports all the popular formats and still will keep the styling of all our original resumes. We have got everything we were looking for from Apose PDF and Word API. For example we can render files in all popular formats, images, graphs and any kind of reach media are supported as well.

We are using the mail merge in our personal client communication. We remove all VBA macros and digital signature that comes within resumes, generate reports for all our recruiters, and insert watermark and lots of HTML contents. We are very happy with the outcome and we believe that our clients and recruiters are happy as well.

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très bien

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The legal industry is very paperwork intensive, and many areas of law are process driven, relying upon a large number of very similar forms. In an effort to address that, my team has created legal automation software, automating the creation of standard legal documents. Aspose.Words for .Net forms the backbone of this program, allowing users to create, modify and tokenize standard forms for use in law offices and routine legal processes. As we are dealing with legal documents, high fidelity to original formatting is required. Aspose deals with most formatting with ease, maintaining vertical alignment over ordered and unordered lists, paragraph indents, along with the general layout and formatting of the underlying Microsoft Word documents.

Aspose library has been awesome to work with from my developer's point of view. The examples and documentation are pretty straight forward, and it's been easy to use. We have tried other Word Processing libraries before, but none of them were as accurate as Aspose. Aspose is also much better at maintaining formatting than those other products.

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We have been looking for a high performing docx to pdf tool for a while now. Our system has an e-government aspect and is generating a large number of reports to the user community and performance is paramount. I tried Aspose.Words and I am very happy with the results. First of all, it was very easy and seamless to integrate and deploy in our project. Very smooth. Secondly, the speed of conversion is way better due to the fact that multiple jobs run in parallel. Thirdly, it's not only fast, but there were no formatting errors. Considering that we are providing a multi-lingual system and some reports include both English and Arabic fields (right-to-left alignment!), this was very important.

Finally, the file size was quite small, which again is very important as tens of thousands of documents are created through our system. Before Aspose.Words, our first implementation was Microsoft Office Interop library. This library converts the docx documents to pdf files perfectly, but after a while we noticed that the conversion operations are waiting for each executable. This caused a big delay when converting multiple documents at the same time. One of the reasons for choosing Aspose.Words is that each exe converts their documents to pdf at the same time and no waiting lock exists on the processing time.

Our results show that Aspose.Words for .NET has the best performance compared to other commercial and open source tools.

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We have evaluated many solutions that made code integration and deployment time easy and fast. The Aspose.Words only met all of our requirements. The Aspose Words help us to avoid the installation of Microsoft Word on a server for automation purposes; Apparently, Aspose is the only library which has all object similar to Microsoft Office Object and is very useful to add some flexibility and functionality to our application. The conversion of documents into HTML with embedded CSS and layout was amazing and smooth. The ability to carry out initial testing within the trial was very beneficial. Their support towards the end user is awesome. These guys reply for a questions posted in the forum in good turnaround time with perfection.