Chant VoiceXMLKit 관련 정보

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VoiceXML is a markup language designed for creating interactive voice response applications. Chant VoiceXMLKit is comprised of classes and tools for creating, validating, and interpreting VoiceXML so applications can be developed and tested offline before deploying to servers. It provides an application development framework for applications to dynamically generate VoiceXML at runtime.

Features of Chant VoiceXMLKit

A VoiceXMLKit application can:

  • Dynamically generate VoiceVXML.
  • Run VoiceXML documents as a desktop application.

Within the Chant Developer Workbench IDE, you can:

  • Create and edit VoiceXML documents.
  • Test VoiceXML documents with microphone audio and keypad data.
  • Trace runtime events.