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MarkUnited Kingdom5 등급
I have recently upgraded from using VS Flex Grid with Visual Basic to using the new ComponentOne Flex Grid with .NET and I am considerably impressed with the new package. It is an added bonus that all... 더 읽기

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익명2 등급
I downloaded the entire 150mb plus thing, and mapped it to IIS, it has still yet to work for me. Too many files and modules, needs to be oragnized properly. I am not recommending this.
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이름 보류 구매하신 고객님스위스4 등급
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daveHAWKES, New Zealand4 등급
Since the other reviews are about ten years old, let me say that I have been using ConponentOne Studio for Winforms for many years now, and it has become a very mature product. Controls such as Inputpanel can be used to whip up applications just as quick as MS Access apps. The support from their website is very good, and they have Help in all formats including PDF.