ComponentSpace Internet Component Suite

ComponentSpace Internet Component Suite consists of over 150 classes covering the most popular Internet protocols and includes DNS, FTP, ICMP, NTP, SMTP Email Checker, Trace Route, Who Is and SOCKS and HTTP Proxy components, conveniently packaged in separate DLLs. Designed specifically for .NET, the components include both synchronous and asynchronous method invocations, delegates, events, stream support, and error reporting via exceptions. The components compliment rather than duplicate functionality already provided by Microsoft. Numerous examples in VB.NET and C# are supplied including ASP.NET applications, web services, windows and console applications.Source Code available. ComponentSpace Internet Component Suite is 64-bit, .NET Framework 4 and Visual Studio 2010 compatible.

Internet Component Suite contains the following products, these are also available separately:

Email Checker:

The Email Checker class library provides full syntax checking of email addresses as well as domain name verification and user name test using SMTP. Select the level of checking you require from a fast syntax check, to a DNS server MX record lookup to ensure the domain name is valid and a mail server is configured, to finally an SMTP check of the user name against the mail server.


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