PowerSNMP for ActiveX

PowerSNMP for ActiveX is a collection of controls that enable management of network devices and applications via SNMP and ASN standards. It includes an Agent Control and a Manager Control with a suite of supporting objects that include a Management Information Base (MIB) object for loading and parsing MIB files, an SNMP Message Object for encoding/decoding packets and an SNMP Table object.

Add Benefits/Features:

  • 100% .NET compatible using .NET COM interop, samples included
  • High-performance Manager control encodes SNMP packets, sends them to any agent, decodes the reply, and presents it as a simple object
  • Easily create an SNMP agent that can be used to report management information for any application
  • A unique MIB Compression application is included that can be used to combine hundreds of MIBs into a single compressed file that is easy to distribute for run-time use
  • Dart’s Service...

최신 뉴스

PowerSNMP for ActiveX 4 released
PowerSNMP for ActiveX 4 released
Adds support for SNMP V3 and IPv6.
PowerSNMP for ActiveX updated
PowerSNMP for ActiveX updated

가격: ₩ 1,730,500

Single Developer License. You may install the software on up to two computers for your personal use only. If the licensee is an organization, it may designate one individual within the organization...

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