Delphi Professional 릴리스

Released: Oct 4, 2022

11.2 Alexandria Patch 1 버젼 업데이트


  • Addressed some missing files for the new iOS Simulator platform.
  • Addressed an issue when using runtime packages on Win64.
  • Addressed an issue with Win64 debugging via PAServer.

Released: Sep 7, 2022

11.2 Alexandria 버젼 업데이트


IDE Enhancements

  • High DPI VCL Designer - The VCL designer now uses a Microsoft Windows-like style when designing, meaning controls in the designer always draw using this style unless this feature is disabled. This style matches the Windows light or dark theme, whichever Windows is currently using.
  • Editor Tabs - In version 11.2, some tabs, such as source control or COM-type library editors, are given different colors to be easily differentiated from normal code tabs. You can control if tabs...

Released: Apr 27, 2022

11.1 Alexandria Patch 1 버젼 업데이트


  • Can’t debug iOS.
  • Using ImageList causes IDE to crash.
  • IDE Access Violation when Inheriting from a Form with a TListView in DynamicAppearance.
  • GridPanelLayout on form memory leaks on end app — same if not used at all.
  • Cannot fit requested classes in a single DEX file (# methods: 71471 > 65536).
  • Code Insight broken for classic compiler.
  • Segmentation Fault(11) in SysUtils.Pop on Android64.
  • PAServer ships with Python 2.7 dependencies – which are no longer available in macOS 12.3.
  • Delayed...

Released: Mar 15, 2022

11.1 Alexandria 버젼 업데이트


IDE Enhancements

  • General IDE Improvements
    • The “Start working” operation, after installation completes, now effectively restarts the IDE, so that the first execution is done with user permissions, instead of elevated permissions.
    • ‘Enable runtime themes’ is now turned on in the Base configuration of a project.
    • The ProjectRoot in a dproj/cbproj file should now always sort consistently.
    • The IDE Wait dialog’s ToolsAPI interface has had some parameters renamed to better reflect their functionality...

Released: Jan 12, 2022

11 Alexandria PAServer January Patch 버젼 업데이트


  • Updated Platform Assistant Server (PAServer) for the Apple macOS platform to support recent operating system and dev tool updates.


  • iOS: Invalid Code Signing of frameworks.

Released: Nov 24, 2021

11 Alexandria November Patch 버젼 업데이트


  • Cannot compile to macOS, no such file.
  • paserver issue arm osx Monterey.
  • Exception-Klasse 6 when try to run Firemonkey app on macOS Monterey.
  • Width of GroupBox on inherited form changes to default.
  • Delphi 11 Patch 1 Vcl.Forms.pas source code doesn’t match shipped vcl280.bpl.
  • Patch1 Mangles Forms with BorderStyle = bsNone and bsSingle.
  • The coordinate value of the component with akBottom becomes strange.

Released: Oct 25, 2021

11 Alexandria Patch 1 버젼 업데이트


  • Windows 11 Menu text with ImageList not readable.
  • Emoji colors are wrong on iOS.
  • Scaled forms do not always have commensurate sizes in 11.0.
  • FontSize and position of labels and components keep increasing in Delphi.
  • iOS Development for AppStore not possible with XCode 13.0.
  • #$21..#$5F characters cannot be selected correctly when they are at the end.
  • Error when using IME to enter text when selecting.
  • Fonts in Nested Controls are not Down Scaled in Dpi Unaware Applications.
  • VCL Styles IDE Bug...

Released: Sep 10, 2021

11 Alexandria 버젼 업데이트


Key new features and improvements from this release:

  • Use RAD on 4k+ Screens:
    • Embarcadero RAD Studio 11 adds high-DPI support to the IDE, enabling developers to work on larger, high-resolution screens. Full support for the latest 4k+ high-resolution monitors improves daily developer activities with cleaner, sharper fonts and icons, and high-resolution support throughout the IDE windows, including in the VCL and FMX form designers and code editor.
    • FireMonkey for Microsoft Windows now uses the...

Released: Feb 24, 2021

10.4.2 Sydney 버젼 업데이트


Best-In-Class Microsoft Windows application development

  • Added a new flexible and virtualized list control, called TControlList - This new VCL control, designed as a high-performance control for very long lists, provides a modern look and feel, complete with custom UI configuration options allowing controls placed in each list item.
  • Added a new new VCL control called TNumberBox - A modern looking numeric input control, the control supports the input of integer numbers, floating point numbers...

Released: Sep 2, 2020

10.4.1 Sydney 버젼 업데이트


Supported Platforms

  • Added support for deploying apps on Microsoft Windows Server 2019.


  • Projects
    • Package AUTO libsuffix: packages can now have an automatic version suffix, instead of manually updating and specifying the right version suffix with each new release.
    • The Projects pane context menu items that were no longer available after 10.3 are now available via a drop-down in the Projects pane toolbar.
  • Layouts
    • Improved support for multi-monitor desktop layouts.
    • Improved support for form...