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Developer Express VCL Subscription includes VCL components for: data entry, charting, data analysis, navigation, layout, grids, scheduling, styling, reporting, printing and planning. Developer Express VCL Subscription supports Delphi 2010, XE, XE2, XE3, XE4, XE5, XE6, XE7, XE8, 10 Seattle, 10.1 Berlin, 10.2 Tokyo and 10.3 Rio and C++Builder XE, XE2, XE3, XE4, XE5, XE6, XE7, XE8, 10 Seattle, 10.1 Berlin, 10.2 Tokyo and 10.3 Rio. Developer Express VCL Subscription provides you with a 12 month window wherein all new product releases are sent to you automatically. Developer Express VCL Subscription includes current shipping products, new products, product upgrades (major and minor), and access to all betas in active development. In addition, when you subscribe to Developer Express VCL Subscription, all your support inquiries will be given top priority. Developer Express VCL Subscription also includes the Source Code.

Developer Express VCL Subscription includes:

ExpressTileControl Suite

The new VCL Tile Control allows you to reimagine the way in which your end-users interact with a Windows application. Build and deliver fully engaging customizable business dashboards that will delight your most demanding users. Unleash the power of touch and target next generation devices and operating systems with a Metro-inspired UI.

The Tile control ships with all the features you'd expect in a Tile Layout Control:

  • Touch Support
  • Stunning Animations
  • Drag & Drop Operations on Any Tile Items
  • Windows Inspired Behaviors

With a flexible layout architecture, advanced animation support, integrated touch and drag drop support, the Tile control represents your bridge to the future.

ExpressQuantumGrid Suite

With the ExpressQuantumGrid Suite, you can create visually stunning interfaces and deliver incredible features/flexibility to your end-users - without writing a single line of code. From standard two-dimensional tables to runtime grouping and column customization; from master/detail relationships, to card views; from themes to unbound mode... the ExpressQuantumGrid Suite has been engineered to fully address your development requirements without compromise or hassles.


The ExpressPivotGrid Suite was engineered from the ground-up to radically improve the way in which data-centric applications deliver information to end-users. With its data architecture, the ExpressPivotGrid is able to slice and dice information efficiently and provide customers with an extremely intuitive end-user experience. It delivers numerous layout customization options with total end-user control over each individual on-screen report. Regardless of the perspective, data can be rendered to answer business questions - and best of all - it allows you to focus on business rules rather than creating dozens and dozens of reports.


Because the ExpressQuantumTreeList was written from the ground up, you will no longer be at the mercy of Microsoft's commctrl and the inherent performance and usability restrictions therein. In fact, the ExpressQuantumTreeList completely redefines use of tree structures within an application. The ExpressQuantumTreeList is a multi-purpose data visualization system that can operate as a TREE or a LIST. The unique synergy between a traditional grid and traditional tree-views allows you to create cutting-edge and visually appealing application interfaces for your users. The ExpressQuantumTreeList can be used in 3 different data access modes: Data-Aware, Unbound and Virtual. Whichever mode you choose to use, the QuantumTreeList employs a DataController library to obtain and save data at high speeds. In virtual mode, the QuantumTreeList does not persist data and so displaying hundreds of thousands of nodes on screen occurs instantaneously.

ExpressVerticalGrid Suite

ExpressVerticalGrid Suite is an "inverted" grid control for Delphi and C++Builder. With the ExpressVerticalGrid Suite, you will no longer have the traditional hassles associated with positioning and alignment of field labels. Once you start using the ExpressVerticalGrid, you only need to drop a single control on your form, add the appropriate rows, and instantly create a consistent, flexible, and uniform UI across your entire application.


Like other Developer Express technologies, the ExpressSpreadSheet offers you power and simplicity of use. With only a few property settings, you can enable a wealth of features and give your end-users an incredible degree of control - the same control they have come to expect from full featured spread sheet products such as MS Excel. From a vast array of built-in functions to runtime customization - from cell merging to multiple display styles - the ExpressSpreadSheet has all the capabilities you've been looking for in a cross-platform spread sheet control.


ExpressMasterView is a 100% native VCL grid component and is specifically designed for Delphi and C++Builder developers who need to represent multiple datasets in a hierarchical manner within a single grid control. With ExpressMasterView, you can finally give your end-users a way to view master/detail and self-referencing data in an intuitive manner in one elegant component.

ExpressBars Suite

The ExpressBars Suite allows you to bring the user interface elements and customization features available in today's most popular applications and platforms, easily and without hassles. Whether you prefer the use of a traditional toolbar/menu system or the Microsoft Office Ribbon UI, the ExpressBars Suite has a solution to fit your needs now and the demands of your end-users.


The ExpressNavBar Suite gives you everything you need to create easy to use applications with sophistication and elegance. Via its advanced design time editor, you can quickly setup and create the look and feel of choice without writing a single line of code. ExpressNavBar even allows you to include shortcuts and other visual controls within it with ease. From the look and feel of MS Office and VS .NET, to Windows XP, the ExpressNavBar Suite offers you a myriad of interface options, so you can write less code and deliver more.

ExpressLayout Control

ExpressLayout represents a way for Delphi and C++ Builder programmers to design and manage the layout of Windows forms. At the heart of the ExpressLayout Control lies a basic concept - You place controls within its 'groups' - the equivalent of container controls such as TPanel or TGroupBox. This in turn automatically gives your applications unique design time and runtime customization capabilities via a docking metaphor similar to the Delphi/C++ Builder IDE.  With the ExpressLayout Control, you are freed from manual, pixel-by-pixel positioning of individual controls and liberated from runtime screen resolution problems so common in Delphi/C++ Builder applications. By linking the controls on your form - such as your grids, page controls, editors, etc - to the Layout Control, you immediately provide your products with highly sophisticated layouts, which end-users can manipulate as desired at runtime.


The ExpressOrgChart is a fully functional VCL component (both data-aware and non data-aware), designed for the display and editing of hierarchical tree data structures such as the contents of a book or file system on a disk. Each node of the chart can have a limitless number of children, displayed horizontally, directly below a given node. The ExpressOrgChart Suite enables an incredibly wide number of possibilities to manage the contents and appearance of both the entire chart structure as well as each individual node.


The ExpressFlowChart is designed to help you present charts, schemes, hierarchies, and graphs of any complexity with minimal coding and programming effort. From complex charts, to equations and even cityscapes. The ExpressFlowChart Suite offers all the necessary tools and elements to create dazzling interfaces limited only by your imagination and the needs of your end-users.


ExpressScheduler will help you build scheduling applications that mimic the UI of Microsoft Outlook. With ExpressScheduler, you will not have to spend any unnecessary time on customization options or inadequate visual elements. Designed to be a cohesive and integrated solution to address the needs of software developers like yourself, ExpressScheduler will help you solve your business requirements without frustration.


The ExpressSpellChecker provides you with a straightforward way to add Microsoft Office style spell checking capabilities into your next Windows® application and offers you built in spelling correction forms that replicate corresponding forms found in Microsoft Word and Outlook. Because these forms were built using the ExpressEditors Library, they will seamlessly integrate into any application powered by Developer Express components.

ExpressSkins Library

The ExpressSkins Library was inspired by technology found in Windows  Themes, but it has a significant advantage compared to painting via operating system methods.

ExpressPrinting System

The ExpressPrinting System is an advanced data rendering and printing system specifically designed to bring your UI to the printed page. Via its Report Link technology, the ExpressPrinting System allows you to output the contents of VCL controls such as the ExpressQuantumGrid and ExpressVerticalGrid - as well as many others - to paper, while giving you and your users control over print attributes such as Font, Color, Headers, and Footers.