DevExpress Office File API 관련 정보

Excel 및 Word 파일을 읽고 및 쓰며, PDF 문서를 생성 및 편집하며, 바코드와 압축된 아카이브를 생성합니다.

DevExpress Office File API read, write and print XLS, PDF, DOC and RTF files. Convert documents to a different format. Password-protect documents, generate barcodes and compressed archives.

DevExpress Office File API Features

Spreadsheet Document API - Read/Write Microsoft Excel Documents. A high performance and full-functional API to work with Microsoft Excel documents. Our Spreadsheet Document API ships with the following integrated features:

  • Microsoft Excel compatibility (XLS, XLSX, XLSM, CSV, TEXT)
  • Print / Export to PDF and HTML
  • Built-in formula calculation engine with 400+ functions
  • Document Protection / Encryption
  • Charts, Sparklines, Pictures and Shapes
  • Data Binding
  • Mail Merge
  • Pivot Tables

PDF Document API - Create and Manipulate PDF Documents. The DevExpress PDF Document API ships with the following integrated features:

  • Merge / Split PDF Documents
  • Interactive Forms
  • Text Markup Annotations
  • Document Signing
  • Password Protection
  • Text Search and Extraction
  • Print and Export

Word (RTF) Document API - Read/Write Microsoft Word Documents. The DevExpress Word (RTF) Document API is a word processing engine designed to fully automate common word processing requirements and use-case scenarios. It is the non-visual equivalent of the DevExpress RichEdit Control. Integrated features include:

  • Supported File Formats: DOC, DOCX, RTF, ODT, EPUB, TXT, and more
  • Read / Write HTML Documents
  • Print / Export to PDF
  • Mail Merge with Master-Detail Support
  • Merge / Split Documents
  • Document Protection
  • RTL Support