Total Access Emailer 2016 16.01.0014

Released: Jun 19, 2018

2016 16.01.0014 버젼 업데이트


  • Your Email Address is Used for the SMTP Relay Test - Total Access Emailer verifies your SMTP server by sending a test email when you start an email blast and when you save SMTP settings under Options. By default, it sends an email from the test email address ( to that address. This may cause problems for some SMTP servers that reject relaying emails with the address as the FROM address. In previous builds of Total Access Emailer, a workaround was provided by letting you include a Temail.txt file with an alternate email address. That email address was used as the FROM and TO address for the test. This is now simplified. Total Access Emailer now uses the email address you specify in your SMTP settings as the FROM address and sends a test message to the address.
  • Datasheet Settings Preserved - When viewing datasheets, if you change the column settings, sort order, and/or filter they are saved where appropriate for the next time you open the form.
    • Main Form - For the main list of email blasts, changes you make to the column widths, column order, sort order, and/or filter are preserved the next time you start the Total Access Emailer add-in. This makes it easy to display your most common email blasts in the order you want them displayed.
    • Remove the Filter - To see all your saved email blasts, remove the filter. You may also need to do this if you create new email blast or duplicate an existing one, and the new settings aren't included in your filter. Turn off the filter by clicking the Toggle Filter option from the ribbon or the datasheet navigation bar:
    • Other Screens - Column settings, but not filters, are preserved on other datasheet screens such as the lists when selecting multiple email blasts to send and email blast results.
  • Preview Text Updated - Preview lets you test your email blasts by sending the emails to your own email address. That lets you see exactly what your contacts receive including attached files. While the preview is processing, it said it was "Sending Email ..." to your contact's email address, which was frightening to some. Rest assured, it never did that during the preview. To avoid confusion, the description now says "Previewing Email ..."
  • Additional Enhancements
    • Sample database updated with TLS option and larger fonts.
    • When setting an email blast, the FROM email address is validated for an acceptable email format.
    • When the name of an attachment file includes invalid characters (e.g. :*?"<>|), a message indicates that problem rather than saying the file can't be found.
    • Procedure TotalAccessEmailer_SendOne had two parameters (strMessageHTML and strHTMLFile) that are optional but were previously required.
    • Cosmetic changes to increase font size, widen combo boxes, font consistency, and support for higher resolution monitors.
    • Manual and help file updated.