Total VB Statistics - for Visual Basic 6.0

Total VB Statistics allows VB developers to integrate advanced data analysis directly into any VB project, eliminating the need to import/export data to other programs or write complex statistical formulas. Functions include percentiles, t-Tests, frequency distributions, regressions, correlations, ANOVA, non-parametrics, probability and more. All results are placed in tables that you can query, sort, analyze, or add to forms and reports. Includes a royalty-free statistics DLL that you can distribute.

An interactive Scenario Designer simplifies creating and testing your analysis. Your scenario settings are saved for re-use, editing, or running. Examine the results and refine your analysis. No need for complex coding to specify what and how to analyze your data. It's all point and click. Once you're ready, it even generates the code you need to paste into your project. Adding statistical analysis to VB projects couldn't be easier!

Distributing your application is very easy. Just include our...

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Licensed on a per developer basis. Each developer who uses the program must have a license. Annual Premium Support Subscription: The Premium Subscription is the ideal option for customers seeking the...

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