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2020년 부터 ComponentSource에서 판매중

가격: ₩ 104,500 버젼: v3.19.x 업데이스 날짜: Aug 2, 2022


Please note that FusionWidgets new licenses are available as part of FusionCharts Suite

FusionCharts Suite is available as an Annual and Perpetual licenses.

FusionWidgets XT 릴리스

Released: Dec 5, 2019

v3.15.x 버젼 업데이트


Updated Jul 14, 2020

New Features

  • Expands the coverage of existing dataPlot events to the nodes and links of the Chord diagram. Events such as Click and Hover as well as support for link attributes were added to nodes, ribbons and labels for Chord diagrams.
  • When exporting spark charts as a CSV file or CSV data using getCSVData() or getChartData('csv')methods, the exported csv now displays column headers.
  • Plot events and tooltips work properly with CSS 2D transformations like rotate...

Released: Aug 1, 2019

v3.14.0-sr.1 버젼 업데이트


  • FusionCharts Angular wrapper is now compatible with Angular 8.


  • You can now render charts in angular using angular-fusioncharts wrapper. Previously, the charts were not getting rendered in angular when using angular-fusioncharts wrapper of FusionCharts version 3.14.0.

Released: Jul 26, 2019

v3.14.0 버젼 업데이트


  • Introduced a new attribute named inheritPlotBorderColor for area charts to set the border color of the plot by inheriting the plot color.
  • You can now customize the position of the x-axis.
  • You can now customize the position of the y-axis.
  • You can now control the visibility of data values by specifying a threshold value of the data plot. Only the data values greater than the threshold will be visible. Chart specific attributes for this include, minHeightForValue (column or bar encodings...

Released: Jun 4, 2019

v3.13.5-sr.1 버젼 업데이트

Updates in v3.13.5-sr.1

  • A minor bug for MSCombiDY2D and MSCombi2D has been fixed.

Released: May 31, 2019

v3.13.5 버젼 업데이트

Updates in v3.13.5

  • Improvement
    • In a multi-level pie chart, 'showLabel' and 'showValue' attributes are now supported at the 'category'level.
    • The file format to export a chart in Excel is now changed from '.xls' to '.xlsx'.
  • Fixes
    • In a multi-series chart, if a series is hidden at the time of rendering and the attribute 'transposeAxis'is set as '1', the y-axis was not scaling properly. This issue is now fixed.
    • On exporting charts as PDF from a page which has multiple charts, the exported PDF was not...

Released: Aug 10, 2018

v3.13.1 버젼 업데이트


  • A common theme can now be applied to all charts in a page.
  • Custom fonts from client-side export can now be exported using `useSVGDeCanvo` option.
  • The hyphen ( - ) character is now supported in the parameter of the JavaScript function of `link` attribute.
  • The `defaultPrevented` property in the `eventObject` is used instead of the 'prevented' property.
  • `getSVGString` now accepts an object as the second parameter with a property named `keepImages`. It can now export the logo or any images...

Released: Nov 1, 2016

V3.11.3 버젼 업데이트


Key Change: The current pricing plan has been changed to an annual model, based on the number of developers.

Common Updates:

  • Toolbars can now be customized using the following attributes:
    • toolbarX
    • toolbarY
    • toolbarHAlign
    • toolbarYAlign
    • toolbarPosition
  • The message font and font color can now be customized when the ​showChartMessage() method is used to set custom chart messages. The ​showChartMessage() API is now modified to: showChartMessage(text, modal, cancelable, customAttrs) Where...

Released: Sep 22, 2016

V3.11.2 버젼 업데이트


  • For Horizontal linear gauges the color attribute of the trendpoint is now also applied on the trendline's text.
  • Significantly improved chart rendering speed.
  • For all the charts in FusionCharts Suite XT, annotations can now be displayed above all the elements in the chart if  you set `showBelow=0`.


  • For funnel and pyramid charts, the `baseFont` attribute now works as expected.
  • For the gantt chart, showSlackAsFill attribute is now functional.
  • In real­time charts, using updateInterval the...

Released: Jul 1, 2016

v3.11 버젼 업데이트


  • Bullet graphs now support realtime data.
  • New toolbar introduced to manage the UI action elements (context menus, checkboes, buttons) centrally.
  • Chart data can now be exported to XLS.
  • Batch export allows multiple charts on the same page to be exported as a single JPG/PNG image.
  • Legend sliders are now hidden when the gradient legend is disabled in charts and maps.
  • New attributes added to control border color and opacity.


  • New targetCapStyle attribute is used to modify the cap style of the...

Released: Sep 28, 2015

Updates in this release

Updates in 3.9

New Features

  • The variableIndex attribute has been introduced to determine how the data index will be assigned to data plots in realtime charts.


  • The alertObj object is now available as the second parameter of the alertComplete event, allowing the user more control over the event.
  • Improved label management for funnel and pyramid charts, with a large number of data labels. Improvements include:
    • Skipping of less significant labels (determined based on label position...