Heimdall Database Proxy

For application developers, architects, and DBA's, Heimdall Database Proxy intelligently manages connections for improved response times and database scale. Features include query caching, read/write splitting and connection pooling. The proxy is installed on a standalone server in front of your database (i.e. Postgres, MySQL, SQL Server).

The Heimdall proxy reduced the number of back-end connections to our database. It saved resources and improved database scale by reducing connections at a 1000:1 ratio. They also have great technical support.

Mohammed Abderlasoul, E-commerce Technology Manager, Sony.com

Standard Edition

  • Active/Standby Failover only
  • Query Caching
  • Read/Write Split for ACID Compliance
  • Connection Pooling

Enterprise Edition

  • Active/Active proxy auto-scaling
  • Standard Edition Features
  • Basic Active Directory Integration
  • Enterprise level support

Enterprise Plus Edition

  • Multi-tenant customer routing for SaaS platforms
  • Active Directory Integration for large scale
  • SQL Security (Data masking, GDPR auditing, Honey-tokens)
  • All Enterprise Edition features

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Heimdall Data, ComponentSource 어워드 2개 부문 수상
Heimdall Data, ComponentSource 어워드 2개 부문 수상
April 29, 2024Publisher Award
Heimdall Data가 ComponentSource 어워드에서 2024년 Top 50 Publisher Award 및 Top 100 Product Award를 수상하였습니다.
프록시를 통한 Greenplum 성능 향상
프록시를 통한 Greenplum 성능 향상
March 22, 2024Product Update
Heimdall Database Proxy for Greenplum은 애플리케이션과 Greenplum 사이에 배포되어 쿼리 응답 시간을 최적화합니다.
Heimdall Database Proxy v23.06.02.1
Heimdall Database Proxy v23.06.02.1
June 6, 2023신규 버전
중앙 관리자가 사용하는 인증 시스템을 개선하고 Google AlloyDB에 대한 지원을 추가합니다.
Heimdall Database Proxy v23.03.21.3
Heimdall Database Proxy v23.03.21.3
April 3, 2023신규 버전
Systemd 서비스 감시에 대한 지원을 추가합니다.
Heimdall Database Proxy v23.01.03.1
Heimdall Database Proxy v23.01.03.1
January 5, 2023신규 버전
테이블 이름 추출을 개선하고 제네릭 임계값 일치를 추가합니다.
Heimdall Database Proxy v22.09.26.1
Heimdall Database Proxy v22.09.26.1
September 28, 2022신규 버전
사용자별 제한 및 활성 쿼리 제한에 대한 지원을 추가합니다.

가격: ₩ 17,313,000

For Heimdall Database Proxy the Standard, Enterprise and Enterprise Plus licenses are based on the number of proxy, CPU core increments. For Heimdall Database Proxy for Greenplum the Enterprise and...

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Heimdall Data
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Supported versions of Linux include (in alphabetical order):

  • Alpine
  • Amazon Linux 2+
  • Centos
  • Debian
  • Oracle
  • Redhat/Fedora
  • Suse
  • Ubuntu

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Le produit réponds parfaitement à notre attente et améliore de façon significative les performances de note déploiement Odoo.

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