Infragistics Ultimate UI for Android

Infragistics Ultimate UI for Android provides data visualization controls for mobile app development. Designed for people on the go, the Android components will compliment any mobile application development strategy. With dynamic, zoomable charts that allow for analyzing large sets of data, and a truly responsive, high-performance data grid, your Android applications have never looked so good.

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Android Data Grid - The Android Data Grid is a cross platform grid built specifically to meet the challenges of displaying large amounts of data on mobile platforms. Built for the mobile world, the Android Data Grid is lightweight, feature rich, responsive, and can handle large amounts of data while providing superior versatility and performance.

  • Data Source - The Grid's data can be Local (available on the device already), or the grid can retrieve...

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Infragistics Android 16.1 (Build 16.1.20161.2025)
Infragistics Android 16.1 (Build 16.1.20161.2025)
이 서비스 릴리스는 데이터 차트 및 선형 게이지(linear gauge)상의 이슈를 해결합니다.
Infragistics Android released
Infragistics Android released
Build native data visualization apps for Android devices.

가격: ₩ 598,000

The software is licensed per registered developer and may be installed and used on more than one computer or on a network server, as long as its use is limited to the registered developer for whom a...

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