Maveryx Test Automation Framework

데스크탑 및 Web 응용 프로그램 용 자동화 된 기능, 회귀(regression) 및 UI 테스팅.

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2018년 부터 ComponentSource에서 판매중

가격: ₩ 1,380,100 버젼: 2.5.0 업데이스 날짜: Nov 9, 2021

Maveryx Test Automation Framework 관련 정보

데스크탑 및 Web 응용 프로그램 용 자동화 된 기능, 회귀(regression) 및 UI 테스팅.

Maveryx Test Automation Framework is a test automation tool that provides automated testing for functional, regression, GUI, data-driven and keyword-driven testing. It supports a wide range of applications from Desktop (Java, .NET, MFC, WPF) to Web (HTML/HTML5, JS, Ajax, GWT). Maveryx Test Automation Framework is able to inspect an application’s UI directly at runtime, to recognize test objects even if they have changed since test creation. The intelligent object recognition engine eliminates the need for recording actions or creating GUI Maps, Object Repositories, etc.

Maveryx Test Automation Framework Features

  • GUI Testing - Designed to fully exercise Graphical User Interfaces.
  • Functional Testing - Write functional requirements test scripts.
  • Regression Testing - Execute your tests many times without changing the script, even if the application has changed since test creation.
  • Keyword-driven Testing - Design your tests as executable Excel sheets or XML files.
  • Data-driven Testing - Use Excel, CSV and XML files to create data-driven test suites and implement data retrieval from any DBMS or custom source.
  • Continuous Integration - Easily integrate automated testing in your CI environment.
  • Custom Extensions - Offers an extension mechanism to customize functionality to better fit your domain and technology needs including custom controls and keywords (actions) libraries.
  • Image Recognition - Work on the images handled by your application or identify and locate GUI objects and custom objects.
  • Eclipse Integration - The plug-in for Eclipse is designed to give you a reliable, efficient and integrated environment in which build and run Maveryx test cases.