Oxygen PDF Chemistry

Oxygen PDF Chemistry allows you to obtain PDF output from HTML or XML documents simply by styling them with CSS. It is a CSS Paged Media processor based on the open-source Apache FOP XSL-FO engine. Its main purpose is to provide you with a simple tool that allows you to leverage your CSS knowledge to create printable deliverables. It is particularly useful for generating technical documentation.

Key Features

  • Styling Control - Control all aspects of the styling in your output. Avoid or force page breaks for specific content, automatic hyphenation, customize page headers, footers, footnotes, columns, tables, lists, graphics, element positioning, cross references, create a table of contents, provide bookmarks, align blocks, and much more.
  • Simplicity - Perfect for those who are familiar with CSS, PDF Chemistry makes it very easy to style, customize, and test your PDF output without having...

최신 뉴스

Oxygen PDF Chemistry V22.1
Oxygen PDF Chemistry V22.1
PDF 주석에 변경 내용 추적 콘텐츠를 표시하는 기능을 추가합니다.
Oxygen PDF Chemistry V22.0
Oxygen PDF Chemistry V22.0
CSS calc() 기능 지원으로 산술 연산자(arithmetic operators) 및 백분율 값을 포함한 복잡한 계산이 가능합니다.
Oxygen PDF Chemistry V21.1
Oxygen PDF Chemistry V21.1
HTML5/XML의 PDF 변환 Converter - CSS 스타일!

가격: ₩ 1,784,300

Per Process License: Incorporate, integrate, include and use the Software for internal business purposes on a Process basis. Processes may not exceed the total number licensed. A Process means any...

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Syncro Soft
Syncro Soft사 제품의 배포자로서 공식 권한을 소유한 ComponentSource는 합법적인 라이선스를 고객님께 직접 제공합니다.
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  • 리눅스 64 비트

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