Oxygen XML Developer Professional 릴리스

May 23, 2019

V21.1 버젼 업데이트



  • Specialized HTML Editor - Oxygen now includes a specialized HTML editor with various editing features for files that have the html or htm file extensions. Features include a new document template, folding support, syntax highlighting, and more.
  • Content Completion - The Content Completion Assistant offers proposals for elements, attributes, and values that are valid at the current editing location, provides annotations for many of the proposals, as well as links to the HTML5 specification...
February 22, 2019

V21.0 버젼 업데이트



  • Outline View Redesigned for JSON Documents - The Outline view was redesigned for JSON documents. For example, it is now available for more types of JSON constructs (such as arrays), it's available even if the JSON document is not well formed, and it's functionality is now more similar to the Outline view for XML documents. Also, an error icon is now displayed for validation problems and you can hover over the icon to see a tooltip with details about the problem.
  • Content Completion...
June 15, 2018

V20.1 버젼 업데이트



  • Validate JSON Documents Against JSON Schema - JSON files can now be validated against JSON schemas. The schemas can be associated with the JSON file using a JSON validation scenario. You can also validate against a specific JSON schema by using the Validate with action and select the JSON schema you want to validate against. Oxygen supports validating various types of JSON, including objects, arrays, numbers, and strings.
  • Validate JSON Schema - You now have the ability to validate JSON...
March 16, 2018

V20 버젼 업데이트


  • DITA
    • Report Unreferenced Key Definitions - You can now select an option in the DITA Map Validate and Check for Completeness dialog box to report key definitions that are not referenced.
    • Report Unreferenced Reusable Elements - You can now select an option in the DITA Map Validate and Check for Completeness to report potential reusable elements that are not referenced anywhere in the context map. These are elements that have an ID attribute and are defined in topics marked as resource only, or...
September 29, 2017

V19.1 버젼 업데이트


  • New Components Tab in the DITA Reusable Components View - A new Components tab has been added to the DITA Reusable Components view. It collects reusable components (elements with an ID) from all topics within your root map that are marked as resource only and provides a very quick and simple way to insert content references in your documents. The available components list also includes ways to filter and search for particular reusable components.
  • Validation Option to Check for Duplicate Key...
April 05, 2017

19 버젼 업데이트


  • Markdown Editor
    • Improved Markdown DITA Profile - Markdown can be used directly in DITA-based systems, and oXygen provides a variety of features to help you in this case. The DITA preview shows how the Markdown will look when used in a DITA system and code templates allow you to insert DITA-specific fragments such as various topic types, sections, or examples.
  • XSLT
    • Convert Between Multiple xsl:if and xsl:choose - You can now convert multiple xsl:if elements to a single xsl:choose element. The...
October 18, 2016

18.1 버젼 업데이트


  • New Markdown Editor - oXygen now includes a built-in Markdown editor that allows you to write and edit documents using Markdown syntax and converts it to HTML or DITA.
  • Convert Markdown Documents to DITA Topics - Markdown editing support includes features that allow you to create Markdown documents directly in DITA maps.
  • Improved Content Completion Configuration Support - Identify more precisely the elements you want to control, by being able to set conditions that include attributes and...
April 22, 2016

Updates in 18

  • The new XML-aware three-way file comparison feature helps you solve conflicts and merge changes between multiple modifications of the same file.
  • When editing in Text mode, you can now use the new rectangular selection feature to copy, cut, paste, or edit the content within the selection. This is useful for editing or copying content inside a rectangular area that spans across consecutive lines.
  • DITA content can be published using a new HTML5 publishing system called WebHelp...
October 20, 2015

Updates in 17.1

  • DITA 1.3 Support - Added support for the core DITA 1.3 features (such as key scopes and branch filtering, as well as many others).
  • Scoped Keys Support - You can now establish key scopes and insert references to keys inside or outside key scopes.
  • Branch Filtering Support - The DITA 1.3 branch filtering mechanism makes it possible to reuse the content of topics multiple times within the same map, each time using different filters.
  • Support for Schematron Quick Fixes in Other...
May 05, 2015

Updates in 17

  • Retina/HiDPI icons make everything look crisp and beautiful, while the graphite color theme gives you a complete new view of oXygen.
  • Toolbars are configurable down to action level and they put you in full control of your work environment.
  • Automatically correct errors using Quick Fix and AutoCorrect features.
  • New XML Refactoring tool extends the power of the Find/Replace action across multiple files by applying XML-aware operations through a user-friendly interface.
  • DITA topics have...