PDFlib TET Licensing

PDFlib TET에 대한 라이선스 요구 사항을 논의하여야 하는 경우, 당사의 PDFlib 라이선스 전문가에게 문의하여 주시기 바랍니다.

One license covers a single computer running under the selected operating system (platform), regardless of the number of CPUs.
Development licenses for machines which are not used for production purposes and run under the same operating system are free with each purchase.
Redundant (backup) machines do not require a separate license, provided they are never used concurrently with the actual production machines.
Groups of load-balancing servers require a license for every server in the group.

Annual Support is available to purchase with new product licenses or to renew an existing support contract:
The support contract is for 12 months and includes:

  • Technical support with short response times
  • All minor (maintenance) and major (functional) updates
  • Early availability of bug fixes

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