PhpStorm 관련 정보

리팩토링, 코드 완성, 온-더-플라이 코드 분석 및 코딩 생산성 오리엔테이션을 가진 PHP IDE.

PhpStorm is a PHP IDE. It provides on-the-fly error prevention, autocompletion and code refactoring, zero configuration debugging and an extended HTML, CSS, and JavaScript editor. PhpStorm also provides powerful built-in tools for debugging, testing and profiling your applications.

PhpStorm - PHP IDE with Intelligent editor for productive coding
PhpStorm provides a rich and intelligent code editor for PHP with syntax highlighting, extended code formatting configuration, on-the-fly error checking, and smart code completion.

PhpStorm PHP Code Completion
Code completion (Ctrl + Space) finalizes classes, methods, variable names, and PHP keywords, plus commonly used names for fields and variables depending on their type.

PhpStorm PHPDoc Support
The PhpStorm editor respects PHPDoc in your code and provides appropriate code completion suggestions based on @property, @method and @var annotations. When you edit PHPDoc for your code, the variables names and types are auto-completed from the corresponding code blocks. PHP code refactorings also consider PHPDocs to keep them up-to-date.

PhpStorm PHP Refactoring
Rename refactoring works for files, functions, constants, classes, properties, methods, parameters, local and global variables. Make global project changes easily and safely. Local changes are made instantly in-place.

PhpStorm Smarty Templates Editing
PhpStorm IDE allows you to use a Smarty template engine and offers the following productivity features for working with .tpl files:

  • Configurable syntax highlighting for keywords, strings, variables and braces
  • Syntax errors highlighting
  • Smarty functions and attributes completion
  • Automatic insertion of paired braces, quotes and closing tags
  • Commenting of the selected block with a single hotkey
  • Custom Smarty delimiters support

PhpStorm Efficient project analysis and navigation
Thorough source code analysis allows PhpStorm to provide a sophisticated code completion, even to unannotated code, for example:

  • Function return type is deducted from its body and return statements
  • Class property types (and declarations) are extracted from the constructor code
  • File structure view and class, method and call hierarchy views allow for faster code review and navigation.

PhpStorm Unit testing without interruptions
Develop PHP Unit tests in PhpStorm and run them instantly from directory, file or class using the context menu options. Dedicated Run/Debug configurations allow you to the required set of tests at any time. Tests are executed in a dedicated Test Runner UI, displaying results overview and detailed stats for the whole suite and every particular test. In case of a test failure you can instantly get from the stacktrace to the line of code where the error occurred.

Code stepping and evaluation with built-in debugger
PhpStorm provides numerous options for debugging your PHP code allowing you to:

  • Set conditional breakpoints with smart step into that allows you to choose a particular method to step into from the call chaininspect context-relevant local variables and user-defined watches, including arrays and complex objects, and edit values on the fly
  • Evaluate an expression in runtime
  • Debug a page in multiple sessions simultaneously
  • Keep a debugging session alive while moving between pages