RayPack Enterprise 관련 정보

Easy packaging designed by packagers for packagers.

RayPack is a framework for the creation and management of software packages. It supports a broad variety of package formats, target operating systems and deployment systems. The RayPack components allow Enterprises to implement well-structured processes which control package creation, manipulation, import, export, validation, storage and deployment. RayPack utilizes integrated framework components along with external connectors, which enable interoperability with market leading workflow, software deployment and data storage systems.

Benefits of using RayPack from Raynet:

Accelerate Application Migration Projects:

  • Ensures a 99% success or better deployment rate of your enterprise software applications
  • Quickly prepare for Windows 7 and 8 application migration and deployment

Advanced Package and Virtual Profile Editing

  • Create and edit MSI installations, patches and transforms
  • Create and edit APP-V,  XenApp, ThinApp and Symantec Workspace Virtualization packages

End-to-end Application Lifecycle Management

  • RayPack is a member of the RaySuite product family and can be fully integrated into the RayFlow workflow tool with its Unified Data Concept
  • Offers a world-class software packaging process from inventory to quality control and deployment
  • Simple easy and intuitive UI connected to a set of powerful back-end features

Feature Highlights in RayPack 1.2

  • SWV Package Generation - Symantec’s reliable package virtualization format is now supported by RayPack 1.2. Users prepare their packaging projects with the substantial feature set of PackDesigner or PackRecorder, and simply export to SWV. Clean, simple and with minimal effort. The combination of RayPack’s broad set of handy package content manipulation and evaluation options with the transform engine of the SWV agent leads to what Raynet consider to be the ideal way to put a layer over a window(s).
  • Update Synchronization - Synchronizing between package versions optimizes the Installer performance on target machines. Upgrades can be executed faster and more reliably when RayPack’s upgrade synch has been used to detect the optimal upgrade resource bundle. MSI related packaging with RayPack gets the best results from the Windows Installer engine for each and every end user supplied by your packaging factory.
  • Upgrade Management - Since working with RayPack is part of the infinite Enterprise Application Lifecycle Management process (EALM), handling clean upgrade procedures is one of the vital functionalities professional packagers require. Establishing fine-tuned connections between package versions does not only provide sustainable application lifecycle instance transitions, but noticeably boosts the completion speed of IT workplace maintenance tasks. Being able to correctly deal with small, minor and major upgrades is a new benefit for all those who strive for continuity and stability.
  • Custom Validation - RayPack is designed for the constitution of optimal package quality. Therefore, standard ICE validation for smoke tests regarding package resource structures is simply not enough. Applying custom ICE validation rules on packages and packaging projects enables packaging engineers to guarantee the delivery of packages that perfectly match the quality demands of their highly specialized customers. Since ICE rule sets can be added from external resources and even configured on a per-profile basis, packagers are always only a few clicks away from the perfect quick-detection system for any of their project contexts.

Operate on Industry Standards
RayPack supports industry standard formats such as MSI, MST, MSM or even virtual packages. It integrates seamlessly with market-leading workflow, software deployment and data storage systems.

Declare your Packaging Independence
RayPack eases the pain that usually comes along with bulky vendor software packages by utilizing uniquely elaborated repackaging engines, time-saving trouble-shooting facilities, and intuitive user interface support for advanced procedures.

Use your Weapon of Choice
Where the native installer technology fails to deliver, Raynet extend the functionality. Use RayPack components such as PackRecorder, PackTailor, and PackDesigner for full packaging power. RayPack is easy to learn and fun to master.

The data you are looking for
Raynet's Windows 8 inspired interface exposes the information you need. The Visual Designer Mode presents complex structures in easily comprehensible view sets. The Advanced Mode benefits from extra functionality such as its direct Installer database access options.

Don’t Guess – Simply Pick
Intuitive wizards guide you through common packaging activities, starting from repackaging, creating Windows Installer transforms, merging redistributable modules, creating shortcuts or building text replacement rules.

RayPack’s condition editor and predefined folders/properties dialogs help you author packages that follow industry best practices without consulting technical documentation each and every time.

CAB handling at its best
The exclusive CAB splitting / rebuilding features let you control the compression of any MSI, even from 3rd party vendors.

  • Compress unpacked admin images (for example with slipstreamed patches) back to single files or back to a single file with CABs.
  • Recompress the MSI – split the CABS to an arbitrary size in order to save bandwidth and achieve a better performance on locations with low WAN speed.
  • Control the CAB file separation level individually for each target package build.

Superior Repackaging
Raynet's capture engine is one of the fastest on the market. But for Raynet that is no reason at all to rest on these laurels: RayPack’s system snapshots get even more efficient by their flexible reusability, allowing users to save the snapshot to a single file containing all required meta-data. At any time in the future, users may go back and use the content of that snapshot instead of creating a new one for every repackaging task. Building up a library of snapshots saves time during both, actual repackaging tasks as well as additional quality control investigations on package behavior.

Markup Suggestions
Fumbling with special Windows Installer syntax is finally a pain of the past. RayPack is aware of your project contents: Wherever the Windows Installer technology permits, it will allow you to generate valid references and values, using responsive visual suggestion popups. This way you can easily reference properties, files, folders, or environment variables with full preview of target values which are resolved on the fly.

Exactly the Right Tool at Hand – Always
Packagers often have to go for the full distance, starting their job with repackaging, continuing with package design tasks and finalizing with validation and quality control. Nonetheless, there are times when a little tweak of the given resources would pretty much do the trick. RayPack would not be recommended by professional packagers if it did not contain a perfect solution for this as well – the PackTailor.

Customizing the MSI may be time consuming and error-prone if there are many options in the installation database, including but not limited to serial numbers, paths, radio selections, feature states, license agreements etc.. With PackTailor, users are able to simply select changes they want to perform for the package.