SQL Data Catalog 관련 정보

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SQL Data Catalog allows users to catalog their SQL Server data estate by applying classifications, as tags and free-text labels, to SQL Server objects. The taxonomy of tags and attributes to be applied is also created and managed. A common use case for SQL Data Catalog is for classifying columns by their sensitivity under data privacy regulations such as the GDPR. SQL Data Catalog is a web application backed by a Windows Service and a SQL Server database. The application has a web UI, and also exposes an API that can be used to query the Data Catalog directly.

Protecting and preserving data starts with a clear view of your SQL server estate.

  • Discover – Gain a clear picture of SQL Server data in your estate.
  • Classify – Speed up data classification with automatic suggestions and advanced filtering.
  • Automate – API-first design and PowerShell functions for bulk operations and interoperability.
  • Align – Create a taxonomy aligned to your business needs or data privacy regulation.
  • Comply – Underpin and evidence your technical policy for regulatory compliance.

By classifying data across your SQL Server estate you can ensure that the correct data is protected – in the correct way – allowing you to focus investment on the most critical areas.

And with domain knowledge centralized, and a shared understanding across your organization – data risks can be exposed, avoided, and regulatory compliance met.