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This tool integrates smoothly and allows you to work with very big projects.

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이름 보류 구매하신 고객님룩셈부르크5 등급

This tool integrates smoothly and allows you to work with very big projects.

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Must have!

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Rob (FactoryMaster Ltd, UK)5 등급
Resharper is one of those tools that reminds you of best practice, and warns you of potential code that could loop indefinately! I downloaded the demo 2 years ago, and after the 30 days, ordered purchasing department to buy this ASAP. This tool gives you control over your development environment you wouldnt think possible!!! If you dont believe me, download the evaluation, and prepare to realise you have been missing out!

Personally, I'm a big fan of ReSharper. And while I originally grabbed it for its refactoring support, unit testing augmentations, and its huge amount of other additional UI helps, tweaks, and productivity boosts, one of the things I love the most about ReSharper is its support for templates that make it so much easier for me to quickly code repetitive tasks.

In fact, I use ReSharper's templating functionality all the time when creating new repositories and when creating individual methods within those repositories - because ReSharper's support for "surround-with" templates gives me the ability to easily tackle some custom considerations around caching that I leverage pretty heavily in many repository methods.


1: Resharper
JetBrains Resharper is one of the most useful tools out there for .NET developers. It just does a great job of making lots of minor tasks a lot easier. If your .NET team isn’t using Resharper yet, this is a great way to put a smile on their faces.