SoftArtisans SMTPmail

SoftArtisans SMTPMail is a full-featured SMTP e-mail client control which can be installed on your web server and used from any COM client (ASP, VB, WSH, etc.). It provides full control over attachments, multiple recipients, word wrap, and much more. This award-winning control offers significantly better performance than other SMTP components. SoftArtisans SMTPMail is written in high performance C++ and supports all threading models.

SMTPMail Key Features:

  • SMTP server can be on a different machine than web server.
  • Can be used from any COM client in your web application.
  • Written for high-performance.
  • Supports all threading models.
  • Supports common functions like file attachments, multiple encoding schemes, and many others.
  • Login authentication with the server.
  • Mass mail.

가격: ₩ 394,500

One software license is required per server. Run-time royalty free. Maintenance Plans Include: 1 year of Major and Minor version upgrades, 3 Next-Business Day Support Incidents within a year, With...

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