SharpShooter OLAP.Win 관련 정보

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SharpShooter OLAP is intended for the creation of analytical applications for decision support systems. The package includes a flexible OLAP component for multidimensional data analysis and a component for the creation of charts and graphs. Similar customization facilities, common data management and appearance customization methods allow easy creation of applications with powerful analytical and rich visualization capabilities.

OLAP + CHART ModelKit is designed to easily chart multidimensional data in an understandable manner. The pack includes a flexible OLAP component – OLAP ModelKit and graphical component - Chart ModelKit. OLAP ModelKit is designed for multidimensional data analysis. Reports, created with this component, provide the full scale representation of multidimensional data, its processing and examination from different viewpoints (so-called “slice and dice”). Chart ModelKit allows the creation of applications for displaying multidimensional data as interactive 2D charts and graphs.

General Features:

  • The product provides access to the following components: OLAP ModelKit and Chart ModelKit
  • All components are written in C# and contain only managed code
  • Compatible with .NET Framework 2.0
  • Compatible with the most popular .NET IDEs: Visual Studio.NET, Borland C# Builder, Delphi.NET, Sharp Develop, and other .NET IDEs. Components can also work without any IDE
  • Use of GDI+ advantages: gradient fills, alpha blending, etc
  • Easy to deploy: In order to make your application using the OLAP + CHART ModelKit components work on the user's machine, simply copy a few DLLs to the program directory
  • Royalty-free runtime
  • Full source code in C# is available (Professional Edition only)
  • A unified development framework. OLAP + CHART ModelKit is not simply a pack of individual products. It gives you an interconnected development framework with similar design-time and runtime customization facilities, common data management and appearance customization methods; the products are fully compatible with each other

OLAP Reports Appearance:

  • Support for XP styles, as well as office and smooth styles, custom drawing, and custom format
  • Data representation with the help of a native charting component and any third-party data visualization components
  • HTML, Excel, and PDF Export

OLAP Reports Customization:

  • Ability to selectively change the cell style set in the style sheet for the displayed pivot table
  • Ability to draw either one or another table element manually
  • Ability to make custom functions and variables available in the elements expressions
  • Ability to assign custom aggregate functions

Chart Model:

  • Ability to use arbitrary number of diagrams, legends, labels, axes, etc.
  • The library contains a comprehensive set of standard elements: axes, labels, legends, titles etc.
  • A set of series types is available: Pie, Bar, Stacked Bar, Stacked100Bar, Spline, Line, Bubble, Area, Stacked Area, Stacked100Area, Stock, and Candle Stick


  • Export to SVG, Flash, BMP, JPEG, GIF, PNG, and TIFF

SharpShooter OLAP is available in the following editions:

  • SharpShooter OLAP.Win -designed for the Windows Forms applications creation
  • SharpShooter OLAP.Professional - designed for the Windows Forms applications creation and delivered with full source code