Syncfusion Dashboard Platform 관련 정보

단일 end-to-end 솔루션으로 대화형 비즈니스 대시보드를 생성, 관리, 공유합니다.

Syncfusion Dashboard Platform is an enterprise-grade platform that includes a powerful dashboard designer application for easily composing dashboards as well as a web interface for managing and sharing dashboards. You can deploy Dashboard Server as an Azure App Service or Azure Virtual Machine

Key Features

  • Business user-friendly - The drag-and-drop friendly dashboard designer application makes it possible for business users to compose and publish dashboards without any help from IT.
  • Rich selection of widgets - A wide variety of commonly used widgets (charts, gauges, maps, treemaps, and grids) are included.
  • HTML5-powered - Dashboards are rendered using HTML5 so the only requirement for end users to view dashboards is to have a modern browser installed.
  • Embed dashboards within your applications - Syncfusion Dashboard Platform ships with a powerful server application for managing and sharing dashboards, but for users who prefer to host the dashboards within their applications a viewer control is provided.
  • Data stays in your servers - The dashboard server can be hosted within a local network or on your secure cloud servers.
  • Wide variety of data sources - All the commonly used data sources, including Microsoft Excel, CSV, SQL Server, Spark SQL, Oracle, MySQL, SQLite, Access, Salesforce, JSON, Microsoft Azure Table storage and RESTful web services are supported.
  • Analyze Big Data - When used in combination with the Syncfusion Big Data Platform, you can connect to all your data with live querying of Hadoop. Integrate with SQL query engines such as Spark and Hive.
  • Dedicated filter panel - The dedicated panel for filter widgets allows accommodation of more visualization widgets in the viewer surface.
  • Tabbed view of dashboards - Multiple dashboards can be showcased in one page through tabbed view.
  • Data notifications - Receive email notifications when specific values reach a threshold.
  • Deploy the Dashboard Server on Microsoft Azure - Easily scale your dashboard server application on demand by deploying as an Azure App Service or Azure Virtual Machine.
  • View dashboards on mobile devices - View and interact with dashboards hosted on the dashboard server from mobile devices using the available Android and iOS mobile applications.