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David Bowser미국5 등급

We needed to replace an old graphic library that is no longer supported with a solid and well supported component library. Our application needs to continuously display graphs representing high... 더 읽기

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Jack Knox1 등급
Extremely disappointed with the MVC version of this tool suite. Particularly since we had heard good things about Syncfusion from other developers who had used the suite for web forms and silverlight... 더 읽기
이름 보류 구매하신 고객님중국5 등급
David Bowser미국5 등급

We needed to replace an old graphic library that is no longer supported with a solid and well supported component library. Our application needs to continuously display graphs representing high volumes of real-time data. We needed something that was able to handle the high volume, rapidly changing data in a robust way. We took the gamble with SyncFusion. We are VERY impressed! We are very glad we chose SyncFusion!

이름 보류 구매하신 고객님포르투갈5 등급
이름 보류 구매하신 고객님오스트레일리아5 등급
sadat30United Kingdom5 등급

The best third party components.  the guys at syncfusion are so talented and always go extra mile to help you. The support one get from sycfusion is amazing.  I wish you guys all the best


Edward Huang 구매하신 고객님New Zealand5 등급
I chose Syncfusion suite because of it's extensive functionality on WPF grid controls that meet most of my expectations. After I started using it, I'm very impressed by its functionality, and more importantly their support team who offers very helpful support while I'm learning on utilising grid controls for my various needs. Whenever I raise a support call, Syncfusion support team always come back useful information, and quite often supplies with sample code on how to achieve what I want. Highly recommended.
MattUnited Kingdom5 등급
We used the SyncFusion WinRT Toolkit for a project last year with great results, so they were a natural choice when we were looking for a JavaScript control suite for our next project. The components look good, work well, and the SyncFusion support team have been fast and friendly when we've needed to resolve an issue or request a new feature. Highly recommended!
alexander.sirotkinRussia5 등급
We purchased Syncfusion Essential Studio a few years ago and pretty satisfied with this decision. Our application includes all kinds of win forms controls and syncfusion controls fit our needs. However sometimes we get stuck with using syncfusion controls in some specific way or we find a bug with them. And Syncfusion technical support really helps here. They do their best - response quickly and accurate. I like their Incident/Ticket system. For now I created about 10 issues and all were successfully resolved. You never get lost - they help and even you have found a bug, it will be fixed in the nearest release, which are deployed about every month.
r.guerzoniItaly5 등급
I am a customer of Syncfusion for a few months and I'm really happy we decided to purchase. Syncfusion libraries are truly complete and outclass all my needs. I'm amazed at how complex a package so it can be used in a short time. My favorites controls are Grid, Tree Map, and Charting. I found into the latest release even more controls (such as Digital gauge and Linear gauge) that will allow me to improve the user interface of my applications with ease and maintaining a uniform style. The introduction of the touch functionality will be provided: inltre me to fully exploit the new hardware technologies in my applications. I can safely recommend this product to anyone.
AndyIA, USA5 등급
We purchased a license for the Essential Studio Silverlight Controls & LightSwitch Extensions in late 2013. We primarily have used the LightSwitch extensions/controls and they work well for our purposes for a line-of-business application (targeting mostly reporting). The controls are simple to use, the documentation is easy to understand, and the support has also been great. I would recommend this product specifically based on the support I received when trying to work through a few issues and reconciling a bug I found. My only complaint is I wish the LightSwitch extensions were licensed/sold separately instead of being bundled with the Silverlight controls (which I'm not using). However, I understand that the LS controls/extensions are basically Silverlight wrappers. This is my only nit. If you are looking to add some enhancements to your LightSwitch products/projects (for the desktop client), I highly recommend Syncfusion's product.