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ZingChart includes over 50+ built-in chart types and modules that feature interaction with data points and zooming into particular segments. The ZingChart library provides you with all the tools necessary to interact with your chart data.

ZingChart Features

  • Add Interactivity to Your JavaScript Charts - ZingChart brings your charts to life. From interacting with data points, to zooming into a particular segment, the ZingChart library provides you with all the tools necessary to interact with your chart data.
  • Chart Types for every data visualization scenario - With over 35 chart types and hundreds of configurations, ZingChart has all of your data visualization needs covered – in almost any scenario you can imagine. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, we can help you create a custom solution.
  • Styling for every level of development experience - Everything in ZingChart can be styled with an easy-to-use CSS-like syntax. From margins and padding, to colors and gradients. Just declare it in your JSON configuration.
  • Real-time feeds for your dynamic data - Streaming information is a useful metric to monitor the health of a service. ZingChart makes this easy with built in integrations for polling data from endpoints.
  • Do More with Powerful JavaScript API - Add important interactions with just a few lines of code. Our robust API allows you to leverage and interact with the chart autonomously. The API also allows for full extension of chart types and designs.
  • Great performance for datasets of any size - ZingChart was built with size in mind. Focus on robust chart types and delivering those chart types at fast render speeds. It offers Canvas and SVG rendering options depending on your speed needs.
  • Integrations available for frameworks and languages - Easily integrate ZingChart with your development stack.
  • ZingChart works on all major browsers - ZingChart is compatible with all browsers.