Change Vision ganha dois prêmios ComponentSource

Abril 29, 2024
A ComponentSource concedeu à Change Vision um Top 25 Publisher Award e um Top 50 Product Award de 2024.

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Change Vision is a Japanese company that develops software tools to help with system design and development. Its core product, Astah, is a robust modeling tool designed to facilitate the visualization and development of various software systems. It offers a comprehensive set of features, including UML diagramming, entity-relationship modeling, flowchart creation, and more. ComponentSource has been in partnership with Change Vision since 2005, helping to distribute its award-winning products to the global developer community.

Congratulations to Change Vision on winning a Top 25 Publisher Award and a Top 50 Product Award for Astah Professional - including astah* professional (Japan). We're pleased to once again recognize Change Vision's ongoing excellence in developing modeling tools.

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