Adicione edição de texto aprimorada a aplicativos JavaScript

Junho 6, 2024
O Sencha Ext JS v7.8 estende o suporte para Froala Editor aos kits de ferramentas Modern e Classic, garantindo a compatibilidade com todos os principais navegadores da web.

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Sencha Ext JS is a comprehensive JavaScript framework designed for building data-intensive, cross-platform web applications with rich user interfaces. It offers a robust set of components and tools for developing feature-rich applications, including a powerful grid system, advanced data handling capabilities, and an extensive library of UI components. With a focus on high performance and flexibility, Ext JS allows developers to create responsive applications that run seamlessly on various devices and browsers.

The Sencha Ext JS 7.8 update introduces the integration of the Froala Editor with the classic toolkit, enhancing the web development experience by providing a powerful and user-friendly rich text editor. This addition enables developers to easily incorporate advanced text editing features into their applications, offering end users a seamless and intuitive interface for content creation and formatting. The Froala Editor's modern capabilities, such as inline editing, real-time collaboration, and a variety of formatting options, streamline the process of managing and displaying content within applications, thereby improving overall productivity and user engagement. This integration exemplifies Sencha's commitment to providing robust, efficient tools for modern web development.

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