TeeChart for .NET adds Windows Phone 7 support

Version 2011 also enhances Shape Series, TErrorPointSeries and TErrorPoint3DSeries.
Agosto 04, 2011 - 8:54
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TeeChart for .NET is a 100% Managed C#.NET charting control that brings across the board support for Windows Forms, ASP.NET Web Forms, WPF, Compact Framework, Silverlight and Reporting Services. TeeChart for .NET also includes gauges and maps components, offers Windows Phone 7 support, OpenGL 3D support, multiple unlimited custom axes, real-time, AJAX client-side WebChart processing, includes C# and Visual Basic (VB.NET) examples and output in Silverlight and Flash.

The following editions are available:

Updates in 2011

  • TeeChart Assembly for Windows Phone 7
  • Shape Series enhancements
  • TErrorPointSeries
  • TErrorPoint3DSeries

About Steema Software

Steema Software SL is a privately owned company dedicated to the development of software tools for application developers. Since 1997 Steema's TeeChart Charting tool has been incorporated by Borland in it's Delphi programming environment. In 2000 the company was established to market, distribute and support the tools developed by its founder members. TeeChart is available for a wide variety of development environments. Steema's onward development of its products, always in response to customer requirements and Steema's perception of technical futures, stands to maintain the product amongst the leaders in its field and to offer a quality developer solution for the future.

3D Silverlight chart and maps in TeeChart for .NET.

TeeChart for Visual Studio .NET with Source

Conjunto de componentes de gráficos com mapas e medidores para desenvolvedores.

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