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Essential XlsIO improves binding support

Version 2011 Vol 4 helps you bind business objects to template markers.
Outubro 26, 2011 - 11:26
Lançamentos em destaque

Syncfusion Essential XlsIO’s extensive feature set includes support for cell formatting, creating and applying custom styles, applying conditional formatting, formula processing, charts, security settings, etc. This .NET library features a full-fledged object model similar to the Microsoft Office COM libraries. Syncfusion Essential XlsIO does not use COM interop and is available with full 100% C# source code. Included with every XlsIO license is a one-year subscription for unlimited technical support and updates.

The following editions are available:

Updates in 2011

  • Binding Business Objects to Template Markers - Support has been added for binding business objects to template markers by binding a list of custom class objects to template markers. It also supports header names, images, and Enumeration-type business objects.

About Syncfusion

Founded by industry experts in 2001, Syncfusion provides the broadest range of enterprise-class software components and tools for the Microsoft .NET platform. With Syncfusion, developers can move beyond simply coding applications to delivering real business innovation -- the elegant user interfaces, business intelligence dashboards, and sophisticated reporting that today's business users need, in the formats they demand. Their award-winning .NET components and controls are designed to meet your evolving development needs, whether you're working in Windows Forms, WPF, ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC, or Silverlight. Syncfusion uncompromisingly strive for excellence in order to offer the very best value to our customers - from small ISVs to Fortune 100 companies.

Spreadsheets created using Syncfusion Essential XlsIO.

Syncfusion Essential XlsIO

Easily read, write, and modify Microsoft Excel (xls, xlsx) files, even on systems that do not have Microsoft Excel installed. Syncfusion Essential XlsIO is compatible with both the Biff 8 format xls files and the Office 2007/2010 xlsx format files.

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