MadCap Lingo 10.1

Envie vários destinos para tradução em um único arquivo.
Agosto 10, 2017 - 13:30
Nova versão


  • Send Multiple Targets for Translation in a Single File - The new multi-select target option allows you to create a MadCap Lingo project based on any number of targets, rather than just a single target. When you finish in the New Project Wizard, MadCap Lingo will import only the files or segments necessary for those targets.
  • New Tool Bar Allows You to Show or Hide Non-Breaking Hyphens and Spaces - A non-breaking hyphen is useful for phone numbers, web addresses, email addresses or headlines you don’t want broken onto two lines. A new Local Toolbar button makes it easy to turn on and off the option to view non-breaking hyphens and spaces.
    • Non-breaking spaces are a high circle.
    • Non-breaking hyphens are a line.
    • Spaces are a dot between the words.
  • Import Alternate Tag Segments in Translation Memories - A new field in the import dialog allows you to import alternate tag segments in TMX files. The consolidated alternate tag segments in the imported TMX can produce better match results.
Send multiple targets for translation in a single file.

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