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Adiciona a galeria de modelos de publicação incorporada.
March 16, 2018 - 11:57
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  • Publishing Templates - Oxygen version 20 introduces the Oxygen Publishing Templates. They define all aspects of the look and feel (layout and styles) of the WebHelp Responsive output. These templates represent a customization package that you can easily share with your team. It is designed as a self-contained package stored either as a ZIP archive or as a folder on disk.
  • Built-in Publishing Templates Gallery - Oxygen comes with a built-in publishing templates gallery, available in the Templates tab in WebHelp Responsive transformation scenarios. You can easily find the template you want by using the filtering options and the template preview images.
  • User Defined Publishing Templates Galleries - If you define multiple Publishing Templates then you can organize them into a gallery, a folder containing multiple publishing templates, to easily share them with others. The WebHelp Responsive transformation scenarios now include a Configure Publishing Templates Gallery option in the Templates tab allowing you to specify directories where your custom templates are stored. The templates stored in these additional directories will appear in the preview pane.
  • Topic Table of Contents Component - A table of contents component displaying links to each section within the current topic can now be included in the topic page. The section corresponding to the current scroll position is highlighted. You can use the webhelp.show.topic.toc parameter to specify whether or not this table of contents component will be visible.
  • Highlight Image Map Hotspots - Image map hotspots are highlighted when you move the mouse over the image.
  • Improved Default Layout - The default layout of the WebHelp Responsive output was improved to make it easier to browse your documentation. The main publication table of contents component was moved to the left side and you can use it to find specific topics and then the new topic TOC component that appears on the right side of each topic page helps you to navigate through the major sections of that topic.
  • Expand/Collapse Sections - A new Expand/Collapse Sections button was added to the navigation actions and it allows you to easily expand or collapse all the topic sections.
  • Control the Initial State of Collapsible Elements - A new parameter was added to set the initial state of the collapsible elements. The parameter name is webhelp.topic.collapsible.elements.initial.state and its possible values are: collapsed or expanded (default value).
  • Display Images - For the responsive images that are displayed with a smaller dimension than its original size, you can click the image to enlarge it in a popup window.
  • Responsive Videos - If you have embedded videos in WebHelp Responsive output, they are now resized automatically according to the size of the browser.
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