SQLyog v13.0.0

Atualiza o ambiente de compilação do Visual Studio, aprimora a segurança e o desempenho de bibliotecas OpenSSL/SQLite.
Abril 23, 2018 - 14:13
Nova versão


  • Added an option to the ‘Scheduler and Reporting tool’ to attach query result(s) as CSV files.
  • Errors returned from queries are now logged to HISTORY tab.
  • Added an option to collapse all expanded objects in the Object Browser in a single operation.
  • Upgraded Microsoft Visual Studio build environment from the old 2010 version*.
  • Upgraded OpenSSL and SQLite to current versions.
  • ‘ROW_FORMAT’ parameter is now handled in the Schema Synchronization comparison.

* Note: The upgrade of Visual Studio means that Windows older than Vista (ie. WinXP/2003) and Wine older than version 2.0 are not supported any more.


  • Fixed - An incorrect statement was generated for a TIMESTAMP column having the default value as ‘CURRENT_TIMESTAMP()’ in Schema Synchronization tool with MariaDB v10.2+.
  • Fixed - When editing a saved (SJA) job the ‘Email subject line’ could become empty. Also whitespace in the subject line is now handled like in common email clients.
  • Fixed - A malfunction with the progress bar in the ‘Backup Database As SQL Dump’ dialog.
  • Fixed - A rare crash in ‘Export As SQL’.
  • Fixed - With a very slow connection to the target database, a crash could occur in “Copy Database”.

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