Data Masker for Oracle 6.0.0

Adiciona a capacidade de copiar rapidamente uma regra com o botão 'Clone Rule'.
Abril 24, 2019 - 13:29
Nova versão



  • New styling.
  • Added the ability to quickly copy a rule with the 'Clone Rule' button.

Command line

  • Runs without displaying the UI.
  • Now takes a single parameter file.
  • Doesn't require the presence of Dummy login details.

Synchronization Manager

  • Synchronization Manager rules now show a read only copy of the rule elements on the Rules in Set and Rule Statistic tabs.
  • Synchronization Manager rules can have a command rule added to them.

Reporting options

  • Audit table now replaced with the Rule Stats and Table Stats table.
  • Ability to customise which database holds the Rule Stats and Table Stats table.
  • Added the ablity to generate a report after running a rule interactively.
  • Added the ability to quickly test the connection of all rule controllers.
Data Masker for Oracle

Data Masker for Oracle

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