DevExpress Reporting 18.2.8

Melhora o Visualizador de documentos HTML5, o Report Designer e a Exportação para PDF.
Abril 26, 2019 - 10:58
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  • "The type initializer for 'DevExpress.XtraPrinting.Shape.Native.ShapeFactory' threw an exception" error may occur in web applications hosted on IIS
  • Aggregate functions are not available in the Expression Editor executed for the Background Color property
  • HTML5 Document Viewer - A signature editor does not operate correctly on touch screen in certain browsers
  • WebDocumentViewer - Cascading parameters are prefilled with data although their filter condition is not satisfied


  • "An item with the same key has already been added." error occurs while loading reports created in earlier DevExpress versions
  • "The document cannot be exported to DOCX format correctly with the specified settings." error occurs on an attempt to export a report with the XRCharacterComb control when the TableLayoutOption is enabled
  • A page footer is printed on top of the first report page
  • An expression binging for the XtraReport.Visible property is lost after loading a report layout
  • DocumentViewer - Document Map nodes are recreated twice
  • DocumentViewer - The "Waiting for parameter values" message is not displayed until the report surface is clicked
  • DocumentViewer - The initial "No pages" status message is incorrect
  • End-User Report Designer - The PropertyGridDockPanel's ShowCategories property cannot be set to False at design time
  • End-User Report Designer - 'The specified value does not match the 'ParameterName' parameter type' error occurs when a multi-value cascading parameter is submitted in some scenarios
  • Export To Excel - The value of a multi-value report parameter of the String type is exported as the 'System.String[]' string if the 'Value' text export mode is used
  • ExportOptionsTool Dialog - Provide a way to assign an owner to the dialog
  • Expression Bindings - A data source is not refreshed
  • Interactive Sorting - Sorting icons are reversed
  • Interactive Sorting - The 'Sequence contains no matching elements' error occurs when a report with a subreport is sorted
  • It is impossible to change the XRCrossBandLine visibility after a layout was exported in XML
  • JsonDataSource causers a memory leak
  • Object Data Source Wizard - The "PrivateImplementationDetails" item is displayed on the data source type selection page
  • Print Preview - A click on a Margin line should not change the value
  • Print Preview - Margin values are inconsistent
  • Print Preview - The DefaultSvgSettings.AllowDefaultSvgImage property value should not be read from the registry
  • Report Designer - A memory leak occurs when you open the Expression Editor
  • Report Designer - the NullReference exception is thrown upon dragging a field into an existing control with the CTRL key pressed
  • Report Designer - XRChart's Colorizer feature does not work
  • Report Gallery - The original XRTable size is not preserved
  • The 'Expressions' tab appears in the Property Grid after showing the 'Designer Options' dialog for a report which uses the Bindings mode
  • The image does not preserve its transparency during the export to an xlsx file
  • Visual Studio Report Designer - Anchored controls with the "private" field modifier should not be resized (the inheritance issue)
  • XRCheckBox - The CheckState property is set to Checked if a control receives null or DBNull.Value in the expression bindings mode
  • DetailReportBand renders the latest printed record on all occurrences (the Expression Bindings caching issue)
  • The auto scale feature fails with the StackOverflow exception for multi-column subreports


  • End-user report designer - The editor that changes the control's style color cannot be scrolled
  • Focus "jumps" on the cursor position while typing text for the XRLabel control
  • PrintHelper.ShowPrintPreviewDialog - provide a robust exceptions handling mechanism
  • Report Designer - Tab header does not disable the underscore character _ set at the XtraReport.DisplayName property level
  • WPF Report Designer - It is not possible to reset a printer name for a report
  • WPF Report Designer's Report Wizard - Top and right margin editors are mixed up
  • XtraReport Export to PDF does not properly handle folders that do not exist
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