Infragistics Ultimate UI for ASP.NET 19.1 Service Release

Melhora os controles WebDataGrid e WebDataMenu.
Julho 3, 2019
Nova versão



  • When WebDataGrid has text editor provider, defined for one of its columns, the cells in that column are not updated after a database update is executed.
  • When WebDataGrid has Row Adding behavior defined with "Enabled" property set to "False", after a postback to the server is executed then the other controls on the page are not visible.
  • When WebDataGrid has ExcelStyleFilter and CellEditing enabled, editing more than one cells consequently will result in a not correct edit mode state for the latter.
  • When WebDataGrid has Paging behavior enabled, then the first 8 records are duplicated.


  • WebDataMenu does not open on Andriod mobile device.
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