UltraFinder 19.00

Melhora significativamente as velocidades de pesquisa para pesquisa MFT, pesquisa padrão e localização de duplicatas.
Julho 16, 2019 - 9:16
Nova versão


  • New application framework
    • Ribbon interface
    • Improved dockable windows
    • Updated aesthetics and theme colors
    • Tabbed dockable windows for search settings
  • Tabbed sessions
    • Run multiple searches at once
    • Find settings remembered per-session
  • New results area with more space for browsing / reviewing search results
  • Greatly improved search speeds for all modes / methods
  • "In files / types" and "Ignore files / types" filters support wildcards for file names
  • Various other improvements


Seu mecanismo de pesquisa pessoal para o seu PC, rede e servidores remotos.

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