CodeRush 19.2.5

Melhora a análise de códigos não utilizados.
Dezembro 17, 2019 - 17:31
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  • Unused Code Analysis - Unused Type, Unused Member, Unused Parameter, and Empty Event Handler diagnostics can now detect unused code in types, members, and method parameters, determined by a specified member/type accessibility. In the CodeRush Options dialog, open the Editor | C# (Visual Basic) | Code Analysis | Unused Code Analysis options page and set the accessibility level (private, protected, private protected, protected internal, internal or public) for types, members, and methods containing parameters that you want to analyze.
  • XAML Support - You can now run the Move Type to Namespace refactoring in XAML code.


  • Code Actions - Code actions are not available in XAML with Visual Studio 16.4 Preview 6.
  • Code Analysis - False positives of CRR0034 and CRR0035 for test methods.
  • Code Cleanup - The "Use expression bodies" cleanup rule incorrectly formats an expression body.
  • Formatting - XML Comment is indented incorrectly when it is placed after the region.
  • IntelliRush - IntelliRush does not insert the item selected with the mouse in code.
  • Refactoring - The "Reorder Parameters" refactoring does not work in Visual Studio 16.4 Preview 6.
  • Shortcuts - Some shortcuts work outside of the text editor context.
  • Test Runner does not recognize tests with the WpfTheory attribute.
  • Training window - Inconsistency in the shortcut description for the "Show unit test runner" command.
Unused Code Analysis


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