Actipro Docking & MDI for WPF 2019.1 build 0685

Adiciona novas propriedades para facilitar a personalização do título das colunas.
March 26, 2020 - 16:32
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  • Added the StandardSwitcher.DocumentsColumnTitle and ToolWindowsColumnTitle properties to allow for easier customization of the column titles.
  • Added the AdvancedTabControl.HeaderBackground property that fills the header area behind tabs and buttons.
  • Updated when the DockingWindow.IsOpen property is changed during layout changes to more closely match the DockSite.WindowsOpened/WindowsClosed events.
  • Updated how the adornment Window that hosts dock guides is closed to prevent a possible exception.
  • Updated the Prism Integration samples to use Prism v7.2.


  • Fixed a bug where the DockSite.WindowsOpening/WindowsOpened events didn't fire when programmatically docking or floating a closed docking window in several scenarios.
  • Fixed a bug where the ElementName-based bindings from within the DockSite.Child's content to a named element outside of the DockSite would fail if the DockSite wasn't yet loaded.
  • Fixed a bug where an AdvancedTabControl with left/right tab placement didn't always measure the tabs correctly.
  • Fixed a bug where an AdvancedTabControl didn't always scroll overflowed tabs into view properly when a tab was closed.
  • Fixed a bug where focus might not be moved into another docking window when a focused floating docking window is programmatically closed.
  • Fixed a bug where failing to touch-drag a docking window successfully with UseDragFloatPreviews enabled could leave a drop target artifact on screen.
Actipro Docking & MDI for WPF

Actipro Docking & MDI for WPF

Adicione ancoragem e várias interfaces de documentos aos seus aplicativos WPF, incluindo suporte ao MVVM/Prism.

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