Actipro Editors for UWP 2020.1

Melhora os controles DateEditBox e TimeEditBox.
March 26, 2020 - 15:32
Nova versão


  • Added the AutoCompleteBox.SelectedItemChanged event.
  • Added the AutoCompleteBox.InputMode property, which determines control usage behavior.
  • Added a HasText property to the BrushEditBox and ColorEditBox controls, allowing the text portion of the edit box to be hidden for swatch-only display.
  • Improved DateEditBox and TimeEditBox to accept delimiter-less input for several additional custom formats.
  • Updated numeric edit boxes to support large incremental changes when holding Shift while pressing Up/Down or rotating the mouse wheel.
  • Updated several numeric edit boxes to support custom format strings with semi-colon conditional format specifiers.
  • Updated AutoCompleteBox to dispatch filter application after property changes, thereby ensuring all data-bound properties are updated when the filter executes.
  • Updated the ColorPicker.Value property to be a nullable Color.


  • Fixed a bug where setting DateTimeEditBox.Value to a DateTime that is out of range of the current calendar could throw an exception.
Actipro Editors for UWP

Actipro Editors for UWP

Controles de edição avançados para toque, mouse e inserção de dados em teclado.

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