Actipro Grids for WPF 2019.1 build 0685

Melhora os controles PropertyGrid e TreeListBox.
March 26, 2020 - 16:37
Nova versão


  • Added a BorderThickness property to the property editors that integrate various Editors controls with PropertyGrid.
  • Updated TreeListBox and TreeListView to support an optional AlternationCount of 2 for alternating row background colors.
  • Updated PropertyGrid interop with Editors to display a red border when a property value fails data validation.


  • Fixed a bug where a tree node being edited wouldn't scroll into view.
  • Fixed a bug where setting TreeListBox.RootItem to null while a filter is active would call into the filter with a null item reference.
  • Fixed a bug where refreshing TreeListView items in code-behind could trigger extra layout cycles.
  • Fixed a bug where resetting a PropertyGrid value wouldn't raise the PropertyGrid.PropertyValueChanged event.
  • Fixed a bug where changing the PropertyModel.IsExpanded property wasn't properly updating the PropertyGrid in a certain scenario.
  • Fixed a bug where selecting a TreeListBox item right after adding it might not properly set focus to the item.
Actipro Grids for WPF

Actipro Grids for WPF

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