DevExpress VCL Subscription 19.2.6

Melhora os controles PDFViewer, Scheduler e RichEdit.
March 26, 2020 - 15:00
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ExpressBars Suite

  • A toolbar-based context menu is scaled using the system DPI when displayed on a monitor whose DPI value is 96.

ExpressDocking Library

  • A dock panel's OnDocking event and a dock site's OnCanDocking event do not fire when the docking manager whose DockStyle property is set to dsVS2005 enables docking hints.

ExpressEditors Library

  • cxExtLookupComboBox - An AV occurs on closing a drop-down window by a keystroke if the mouse pointer hovers over the embedded grid's navigator.
  • TdxCustomGalleryControl descendants - Make the ParentFont property published.
  • TdxDBColorGallery - Make the ColumnCount property public and the BidiMode and ParentBiDiMode properties and the OnItemClick event published.


  • ScreenTip is incorrectly scaled if its rich text formatted content specifies a font size.
  • The "Invalid operation in GDI+ (Code: 2)" exception occurs on displaying an SVG image that contains a rectangle whose rx or ry parameter value is incorrect.


  • An AV can occur during a text search operation started by a click on the Find Panel's Previous button.

ExpressPrinting System

  • Skinned dialogs display blurred icons enclosed by a rectangle.

ExpressQuantumGrid Suite

  • A View's StoreTo~/RestoreFrom~ methods do not store/restore calculated expressions specified via a grid item's DataBinding.Expression property.
  • Data rows are incorrectly scaled if a column is assigned a repository item from a data module.

ExpressQuantumTreeList Suite

  • StoreTo~/RestoreFrom~ methods do not store/restore calculated expressions specified via a column's DataBinding.Expression property.
  • The data controller's ClearNodeExpressionFieldValues, GetFilterRecordIndexByNode, and GetNodeByFilterRecordIndex methods cause errors in a 64-bit application.

ExpressRichEdit Control

  • An AV occurs on printing a document with an image cloned from a PNG image stored in an Office Image container if the container is already deleted.
  • HTML import - Custom paragraph spacing settings are ignored for empty paragraphs in a loaded document.
  • Native API - The IdxRichEditCharacterProperties.Reset and IdxRichEditParagraphProperties.Reset procedures do not revert edited document range to default formatting.

ExpressScheduler Suite

  • Day View - The time ruler is redrawn incorrectly when a click on an event activates an in-place editor if the associated storage has resources and stored events are not grouped.

ExpressSkins Library

  • In-place TcxGroupBox descendants are not vertically sized to fit their glyph.


  • A cell's original font changes to the corresponding Cyrillic font for the entered Cyrillic text if certain original cell fonts are used.
  • A value range operator between two function calls is not recognized within a formula expression if the area and array row separators match in the active locale.
  • Merged cells pasted from the clipboard incorrectly merge their borders on certain worksheets.
  • Sheet dimensions are incorrectly determined on loading certain XLSX documents.

ExpressVerticalGrid Suite

  • Editor buttons of an edit row do not appear immediately after the edit row's Properties.Options.ShowEditButtons property is set to eisbAlways in RTL mode.
  • StoreTo~/RestoreFrom~ methods do not store/restore calculated expressions specified via an editor row's Properties.DataBinding.Expression property or a multi editor row item's DataBinding.Expression property.
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DevExpress VCL Subscription

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