MadCap Central – Maio de 2020

Gerencie os seus sites hospedados no MadCap Central em um único local.
Maio 06, 2020 - 9:25
Nova versão


  • Host and Publish Secure Private Output with Password Protected User Access - You can now host and publish private output that requires a user to log in using an email address and password credentials. Without credentials, users cannot access the site, making this option ideal for internal employees or customer documentation that should not be accessed by the public.
  • User Types Now Include Author, Subject Matter Expert and Viewer - The new user type “Viewer” has been enabled to allow individuals who are not Authors or Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to gain access to MadCap Central and restricted outputs. Viewers are granted access by the Author in order to view the password protected outputs.
  • Site Management for Multiple Domains, Vanity URLs and Live Status - You can now manage your sites hosted on MadCap Central in a single location. Manage multiple domains, vanity URLs, set site status to “Live” and more.
  • Create, Edit and Duplicate Site Themes for UI Elements - Control how different user interface elements look for each site, such as the login, invite, 404 message and more. You can use a single theme or create multiple themes for any number of sites.
    • Login Form.
    • Invite Form.
    • 404 Page.
    • Forgot, Reset and Expired Password Forms.
    • Profile Page.
    • No Access Page.
    • Toggle Popup Panel.
    • Toggle Loader Image.
  • A Completely Redesigned Task Dialog Makes Overall Task Management and Workflow More Efficient - The Tasks dialog has been completely redesigned. Three tabs - Details, Discussion, and Attachments - allow you to quickly find important information related to tasks. Fields have also been reorganized, making them easier to scan and edit.
  • Settings and Profile Enhancements: User Settings and License Settings - Several updates have been made to the dialogs used for both User and License Settings, making License Management and User Settings easier to use and more efficient. The Team Profile dialog has also been updated.
Site Management for Multiple Domains

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