Highcharts Gantt JS v8.1.x

Adiciona panorâmica vertical aos gráficos, além de opções de internacionalização ao módulo export-data.
Maio 11, 2020 - 10:42
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  • New in Highcharts v8.1.0
    • Added vertical panning to Highcharts. The chart.panning.type now accepts y directions.
    • Added box options for yAxis.stackLabels: backgroundColor, borderWidth, borderRadius and borderColor.
    • Added new series label options, series.label.format and series.label.formatter.
    • Added individual dash style settings for various parts of box plots.
    • Added language options for export-data table text.
    • Added ability to set markers of heatmap points to custom shapes defined within the SVGRenderer.prototype.symbols object.


  • Fixes in Highcharts Gantt v8.1.0
    • Fixed #13221, grid axis labels rendered outside the cell if the cell width was 0.
    • Fixed #12984, Gantt tasks not being collapsed when added by chart.addSeries.
  • Fixes in Highcharts v8.1.0
    • Fixed issue with missing accessibility options in the API.
    • Fixed #12767, exported data table had wrong points categories.
    • Fixed #13305, focus border not updated with scrolling points.
    • Fixed #11500, stack labels had a wrong position after moving X axis or Y axis.
    • Fixed #13332, 3D column not working on Microsoft IE browsers. Fixed fillSetter in cuboid methods.
    • Fixed #13310, HTML tooltip did not stick on pointer contact when activated.
    • Fixed #13136, couldn't set yAxis.tickAmount when the chart size was small.
    • Fixed #13098, wordcloud animation options didn't work.
    • Fixed #12656, drilldown points were wrong after click on axis label.
    • Fixed #13204, multiple yAxis labels were not centered over the gridlines when rotation was set and alignTicks was enabled.
    • Fixed #8280, 3D column zIndex was wrongly calculated on wide screens.
    • Fixed #13101, pie with negative values threw error on drilldown.
    • Fixed #13226, tooltip prevented interaction on other chart elements.
    • Fixed #13169, a regression causing packed bubble's initial simulation not to work smoothly.
    • Fixed #12163, width of button was not updated when the font weight changed.
    • Fixed #12165, errors on setting the button width to null.
    • Fixed #13161, stacking was erroneously applied on xrange.
    • Fixed #5999, point.color was not respected for boosted series.
    • Fixed #13134, lollipop misaligned on errorbar series.
    • Fixed #12979, console errors when updating an axis at the same time as updating a related annotation.
    • Fixed #11928, 3D pie was misplaced after calling Series.update.
    • Fixed #13110, chart.sonify was no longer working after v8.0.1.
    • Fixed #13069, histogram produced the wrong number of bins when baseSeries was filled by points with negative values.
    • Fixed #12027, print was not working correctly in packed bubble charts.
    • Fixed #12991, scrollablePlotArea.minHeight was not responsive when changing window height.
    • Fixed #13100, in organization charts, node data labels disappeared in some cases.
    • Fixed #12883, legend pagination was not working correctly when the accessibility module was included.
    • Fixed #13001, scrollablePlotArea not inheriting chart style. Also applied chart styles to tooltip container when tooltip.outside is true.
    • Fixed #13070, annotation was not draggable when HTML label was used.
    • Fixed #13077, the point.isInsidePlot method didn't handle polar charts.
    • Fixed #11635, scrolling didn't trigger hiding of the tooltip when the cursor left the chart's container.
    • Fixed #12091, could not update series shadows without disabling them first.
    • Fixed #12994, tooltip.hideDelay of 0 was causing unexpected tooltip behavior.
    • Fixed #11397, incorrect position of the focus border on text elements.
    • Fixed issue with crosshair wrong position with shared tooltip.
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