EurekaLog v7.9

Adiciona suporte para a nova API YouTrack.
Setembro 29, 2020 - 10:57
Nova versão


  • Added support for new YouTrack API.
  • Added basic exception info reader for CLR/Microsoft .NET exceptions.
  • Added better exception information for non-Embarcadero Delphi exceptions.
  • Added the ability to set a proper exception address for non-Delphi software exceptions raised with kernel32.RaiseException.
  • Added visual highlighting for call stacks of deadlocked threads (group header will be orange).
  • Added support for COM wait chain traversal.
  • Added Embarcadero C++ Builder support for "fast-exit".
  • Added "Use SafeMode" option.
  • Added separate options to enable/disable low-level hooks in current/external modules.
  • Added new "Is process token restricted" value to bug report.
  • "Is admin" value now supports limited (unelevated) admins.
  • Added time since user profile loaded to "System Up Time" value.
  • Added hook for ShowException - To call EurekaLog on non-Exception exceptions (e.g. raise TObject.Create;).
  • Added viewer settings for default screenshot scaling.


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