ActiveState Platform – novembro de 2020

Adiciona a capacidade de navegar através de logs de compilação e identificar informações que podem ajudá-lo a resolver problemas.
Novembro 17, 2020 - 11:36
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Perl 5.32 Beta

  • Rather than downloading a pre-built distribution of modules, you’ll get:
    • A unified, cloud-based toolchain that delivers automated, parallel builds from source for both Linux and Microsoft Windows.
    • Virtual environment support that automatically creates isolated working directories (similar to Python’s virtualenv).
    • Pure Open Source licensing, rather than an ActiveState licensed ActivePerl distribution. Modules you install just have their original licensing.
  • Perl 5.32 also features PPM-like functionality, restorable environments, and more.

Perl 5.32 Build Logs

  • You can now browse through the build logs for the dependency that failed and identify information that may help you resolve the issue.
    • You can also submit the log to ActiveState's forums to help you solve the issue.
    • You can also view the log files associated with successful builds, which can help you understand how dependencies are built.
    • Once you’ve created a Perl project via command line, you can login to your Platform account to access the build logs.

Perl 5.32 Virtual Environments

  • ActiveState Platform’s State Tool CLI delivers virtual Perl environments, automatically creating isolated directories for you to ensure against dependency conflicts. The State Tool also provides some key advantages:
    • Cross-platform support (Windows and Linux) allowing diverse teams to standardize on ActiveState Perl.
    • Multi-language support (Perl and Python) simplifying multi-language application creation.
    • Ability to fork, merge and restore your Perl environment (including transient dependencies) at any point in time, even years later.
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