Enterprise Architect Professional Edition v15.2 (Build 1556)

Melhora User Security e Login.
Dezembro 16, 2020 - 16:52
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  • Diagramming
    • Corrected display of ActionPin property type for CallBehaviorActions.
    • Non edge-mounted child elements will now not move further than expected when moving the parent element.
    • Setting a 'Structural Feature' in a ReadStructuralFeature action no longer fails in some situations.
    • Corrected a display issue for a call behavior ActionPin when it represents an ActivityParameter and the Parameter Type is changed.
      • Also prevented overriding the Type directly on the ActionPin in this situation, to conform with the UML 2.5.1 specification.
  • Kanban
    • Restored 'Default' Kanban lane behavior so that it updates the property specified in the 'Bind Kanban' field, unless the 'Not-Bound' option is enabled.
    • Clicking the Apply button on the Kanban properties dialog will correctly persist Kanban Search Filters.
    • Corrected Kanban option 'Read-only Bind' to avoid an element moved to a 'Not bound' lane potentially moving back under specific circumstances.
  • User Interface
    • Modal Properties dialog for an attribute will correctly persist changing the type to a classifier with the same name.
    • Improved stability for the modal operation Properties dialog when adding Tagged Values to an operation parameter.
    • Prevented unintentional scrolling in the docked Properties window when updating values.
    • Removed duplicate Concurrency property from the docked operation Properties window.
    • Browser window menu option 'Add as Favorite to' corrected to ensure available groups are consistently displayed.
    • Improved In-place edit behavior in the Tagged Values tabs where certain actions could cause an application error.
  • User Security and Login
    • When using Microsoft Windows Active Directory groups in the Floating License Server you can now leave the username and password blank in the Keystore configuration screen.
    • Secure Windows authentication will take place automatically.
    • The web browser will no longer automatically close after OpenID authentication, to avoid issues experienced across some browsers.
    • Support unicode characters in the user information returned by OpenID provider (username, group names, etc).
    • OpenID group claims will now use a case-insensitive match.
    • Improved stability when displaying results of an OpenID test.
    • Security User login names will now truncate to the database field length rather than a fixed value, to accommodate users extending the field in the Database.
  • External Data Integration
    • Local models using an SBPI connection will now connect to the providers in the Integration window.
    • Corrected handling of menu items with special characters.
  • Other
    • Round-trip using XMI 1.1 with DTD no longer reports a validation error.
    • Adjusting variables through the simulation console during an Activity Diagram Simulation improved to avoid potential failures.

Note: Some updates may not be available in every edition of Enterprise Architect.

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