CLion 2021.1.1

Melhora os projetos remotos, preenchimento de código e navegação.
Abril 26, 2021 - 10:31
Nova versão


  • In code assistance and navigation:
    • Added a new intention to add/remove braces in if, for, while and do-while statements.
  • For CUDA projects:
    • CLion now uses the gcc compiler from CUDA installation, if it is installed.
  • Added a few new MISRA checks.
  • For remote projects:
    • CLion no longer ignores the clion.remote.resync.system.cache registry flag for Makefile projects (the flag specifies if CLion should always re-sync header roots upon project reload) and the Resync with Remote Hosts action is now also available for Makefile projects.
  • Added new plugins:
    • Grazie provides intelligent spelling and grammar checks for text that you write in the IDE.
    • The Copyright Plugin adds consistent copyright notices throughout your codebase.


Um IDE para várias plataformas para C e C++.

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